Implant Supported Dentures

Restoring Your Smile with Permanent Dentures for Missing Teeth

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If you are missing multiple teeth and are a good candidate for dentures, we may recommend having implants placed prior to denture construction. This allows for a couple of restorative possibilities. For many patients, a set of removable dentures can be designed to attach to fixtures surgically placed within the jaw bone allowing for improved stability and retention. For good candidates, non-removable, or “hybrid” dentures, can be an attractive alternative to conventional dentures.  This type of restoration allows for much better chewing efficiency and is more comfortable due to the elimination of palate coverage. Dr. Adam Bozeman works with a team of local specialists who can help you achieve your optimal surgical outcome.


We Believe

We believe you deserve to be completely comfortable with the dental process, and we believe in offering the best possible technology we can to ensure your needs are met. In fact, we are the only dental practice in the region to offer X imaging. Every year, we invest in continuing education to ensure you receive the latest advances.